Rodrigo Rosm = Designer + Editor + Artist 

Brazilian, black, 30 years old, living and working in Rio de Janeiro, I studied Visual Communication (PUC-RIO) and Drawing, Painting and Text in Art at EAV Parque Lage between 2013 and 2019. My research in Art develops at the intersection of practical/theoretical exercises to speculate meanings through the organization and critical direction of information, understanding the power of technical images, with photography as a  tool for capturing the reality related to the 'artist's book' as an aesthetic-political event; my works are located at the intersections between the extension of the body, the image and the word, whether associated or not.

Since 2013 I have participated in collective exhibitions and print fairs throughout Brazil, in 2018 at Plana - São Paulo International Publications Festival, I launched the fictional autobiography 'segue o baile vol.1', a pocket novel that uses carnival as a conductor of the fragmented narrative between texts and images, poetic prose influenced by the rhythm of the city.

As a co-founder of the church of the kingdom of art (the bride), I have been conducting investigations on the place of the text-image binomial in Art, establishing a dialogue between the notions of sacred space (church) and profane space (museum), starting from from theory to arrive at actions such as exhibitions, baptisms, pilgrimages, readings, classes, ect. The church is a space for research, experimentation and despite fluctuating between different areas such as Art History and Literature, my field of training is Design, from which I seek to establish dialogues recognizing the limits and approaches. From the methodologies of Design, I gained the virtue of projection, to put it in a nutshell, that is, project: the allusion of pre-objects and the materialization of the object: work is the way, work is the thing in the world .

In the last 3 years I have participated in collective exhibitions and print fairs throughout Brazil, in 2017, I participated in the Feira Plana - End of the World held at the Bienal Pavilion with more than 250 exhibitors; in the same year I was invited by curator Paula Borghi to participate in the Vitrine Project at the independent space Saracura (RJ). In March 2018, I launched the book 'segue o baile vol.1' during the Feira Plana - Back to Nothing that took place at the Cinemateca Brasileira (SP). Then I joined the group exhibition 'A Travessia' at Galeria Homegrown (RJ). In 2019, I participated in the Tijuana Fair in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, finished my graduation in Design - Visual Communication at PUC-Rio, edited the comic book 'Fantasma' by artist Lucas Teixeira and was part of the collective exhibition 'Margem - The word liquid' at Sesc Madureira, curated by Giordana Moreira. In March 2020, I was an exhibitor at Feira Ladeira during the Bahia Expanded Literature and Illustration Festival. In the second half of the year, still far from the health crisis that erupted, he was invited to compose the virtual edition of the Flamboiã Fair (Florianópolis) in November.  


updated in July two thousand and twenty one. Armação dos Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


2013 - 2019

PUC.RIO | Visual Communication | design

2013 - 2014

EAV | Drawing, Painting & Text in Art

2013 - 2014

EAV | Drawing, Painting & Text in Art


2020 - 2020 

UNESP | Editorial Production (EAD)

2021 - 2021 

UNESP | Ing/Port (EAD) Translation Review 

2021 - 2021 

UNESP | Instructional Design (EAD)

2021 - 2021 

CREHAN | Vector Illustration (EAD)

2021 - 2021 

DOMESTIKA | Typographic animation in After Effects (EAD)

2021 - 2021 

Prática Flamboiã | Edição como Linguagem (EAD)

2022 - 2022 

UNESP | Como montar sua Editora (EAD)

print art fairs

2014 to 2018 

Crude Fair (s) - (SP)

2017 / 2018 

Flat Fair - (SP) 

2017 / 2018 

Grammar Fair - (SP)

2018 /  2019 

Tijuana Fair - (RJ/SP)

2020 / March

Ladeira Fair - (BA)

2020 / Nov

Flamboiã Fair - (SC)


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