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The proposal for the special edition of the Revista Jacarandá Arte e Poder appears in partnership with LAPA – Laboratory of Arts and Politics of Alterity, a research group certified by CNPq, and the extension project Arte e Afrobrasilidades, both linked to the University's Institute of Arts of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). In view of the research by undergraduate and graduate students from LAPA and Arte e Afrobrasilidades, focused on works by Afro-descendant artists, and in the current moment in which the anti-racist fight becomes even more urgent, this special edition of Revista Jacarandá was developed. .

were gathered  essays by researchers and curators who have stood out in the current critical scene in which the insertion of Afro-descendant artists is debated, who bring racialized discourses to artistic circuits and, at the same time, incorporate other interests in their work. In this way, a kind of “new power” is designed, but often co-opted by the system. This edition features essays by Diane Lima, Keyna Eleison, Raquel Barreto and Renata Felinto. As guest editors, we also wrote an essay on the so-called “new power”.


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