Pecadão 3.0

The Bride invites all faithful and heretics to the 3rd Sin:

The "Pecadão" - ball of the church of the realm of art - is a profane ritual where all believers, apostles, pastors, prophets, saints, monks and heretics are freed to numb their souls via sound vibrations and visual stimuli, in this case very black music, people!

[DJ SET] = line up

Chimera Fauna / @auijl
Rodrigo Rosm
  (  house 27  )
Caio Rosa
  (  Of Color  )
Drei (
  Ujima Gang  )
Eduardo Thrift Store (Alafia)


[PROJECTION] = @lollyndona / @profanozine


[ OFFERING ] = peanuts, popcorn & fruit


[ BAR DOS AMORES ] = beer + pizza




[ IMAGE-POETRY ] = 35mm by @debeija


. What is THE BRIDE?

It is the church of the realm of art. Much more than an institution, its definition is based on the investigative practice of believers, who in the gathering of their worldviews are dedicated to expanding the horizons of the most sublime activity of human existence: Art!


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