Luna - Home & Design

The visual identity project for a local family business with the objective of commercializing objects for domestic use and decoration, naming was inspired by the name of the first daughter of the client couple, with this, it was developed with the intention of bringing such affection to the brand values. 

Graphic representation as a means of communication is essential for the company to show its role in the market. The logo developed refers to the manual and cursive stroke of children's writing, symbolizing the power that creativity can exert in the physical world at all stages of life, with curiosity being the greatest power for process innovation. 

Colors are of great importance in the visual identification of a brand and their use in a strategic way optimizes recognition by the target audience. For Luna Casa & Design's visual identity, two institutional colors were determined, the brown & green, which must be used in all the project's communication vehicles. The list of colors presents the technical specifications in Pantone scale and code for the use of those colors on the web.


naming + visual identity  + brand manual