100% cotton

drop  #000 

agenda ___ In this inaugural drop of the project, I sought to attribute exclusivity to pieces with low circulation, tensioning the notion of a shirt for the concept of a raised flag with messages that need to be read and shared; each model has its narrative and reference value in the pages of human history. The concept of the series has been developed for a long time, the idea is to explore the shirt support as a flag that carries our values before the world, a wearable message that roams loaded with symbolism.

the #000 drop
  - 100% cotton consists of 5 models of shirts printed on the  @port.black  print shop with silk screen printing under 100% cotton mesh. The white shirt was chosen as the medium for being a basic and essential item, each model has its weight to formulate the concept of the drop, a tour of sampled graphic quotes that evoke moments that cannot be forgotten...from the Mississippi countryside to world, from samba to rock, from salvador to adis abeba what interests me is the story in fact.


graphic t-shirt series with design by
  @rodrigorosm  and printed by  @port.black  (limited edition) ⠀


branding + art direction + illustration